March 11, 2014 Vince Valholla

“Why I think “Mastermind” from @RickyRozay is the best body of work of his career..” – @VinceValholla



This may not be popular opinion but it’s what I believe…
“Mastermind” is Rick Ross’ most well put together
album since his debut in 2006 with Port of Miami.
Let’s cut to the chase… Why do I think so?
This was the first album I’ve heard from Rick Ross that sounded “together”.
What I mean by that is, I always felt Ross would add a song or two that
sounded out of place forcing me to skip once or twice (sometimes on first or second listen).
Jay-Z’s “Blueprint” was to me, his best album…
Because of the reason that it sounded like one body of work…
One overall thought told through multiple songs.
Most albums these days aren’t made that way.

Ross has never had an overall weak album… (My least favorite was GFID)….
And also, Rich Forever would have been his best body of work overall but it wasn’t retail…
so it doesn’t count… (to me). This is an album that was made with all
of the well put together albums in mind…
from the skits to flow of song to song.
Also, I believe you would agree (if you don’t)
if “Mastermind” was released out the blue without hearing any of the
songs before (Like Beyonce’s or Pharrell’s recent release).
The songs you heard like “Devil Is A Lie” or “War Ready” aren’t typical “Singles”.
Hearing them out of sequence is good but not how I feel its intended.
Hearing “Devil Is A Lie” within the album… I liked and enjoyed it more…

*This review is based on the Deluxe album listening experience
*Ohhh and I didn’t get liner notes with my iTunes purchase… Who F*ck up with that???

What was your favorite Ross album? Add it to the comment section below.


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