February 15, 2014 Vince Valholla

Are you working with a purpose? Because if not you might as well not work at all…



A lot of people work… But not all of those people work with purpose…
Check out this dope article from David Hassell on Next Web.
Here’s an Excerpt:

“All companies work towards measurable goals. New features in the product, selling target customers and boosting the bottom line. But goals are meaningless without knowing why you’re aiming for them.

Seems obvious, but far too frequently we forget to examine why certain objectives were created in the first place.

As business leaders, knowing the “why” is the critical compass of your organization. We often focus only on the “what”
and the “how” forsaking the raison d’etre and the opportunity to foster our team according to the true mission, which is likely more than just making money.

We believe most businesses strive to have an impact on the world and
want to encourage leaders to develop their employees according to the big vision of the company.

Above all else

Some companies seem to just get it right. Beyond the products and services they create, they inspire a religious following of customers. Competitors try to duplicate their efforts and while they can be successful, they always fall short.
Why is Dell unable to ascend to the level of Apple? What makes them different?”

Read the entire article HERE

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