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Funk Flex’s #IFWT features Vegas Fontaine’s latest music video “What I Do”

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Vegas Fontaine’s latest music video for “What I Do” which is also track 1 on ‘Valholla Forever’ [EP] was featured by Funk Flex’s #IFWT Indie Spotlight. Check out this description from a comment on the site:

We definitely have been keeping our ears to the street and our eyes in the sky for Little Haiti’s own Vegas Fontaine (1min 43sec mark of video below). This up and coming producer/artist has the city of Miami on the map when it comes to indie music. Although his artistry has been new to the scene, his production is no stranger to the music industry’s corridors. Fontaine has worked with a number of talents ranging from one side of the spectrum scale all the way to the other, as well as everyone in between. Most recent production includes the new r&b smash called “Tell Me Why” by “Tosh Alexander” (check-out the visual: http://youtu.be/PvsLAC7cuYY). – (Who Got Next Now?)

Check out the feature HERE

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