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Interview :: Kirby Maurier discusses her new single “Iz U Wit It”


Valholla recording artist Kirby Maurier recently unleashed her latest single “Iz U Wit It” (prod. by Bass Boys Intl.) onto the Internet after a successful FOR THE STREETS only campaign. The song is a noticeable departure from what some of Kirby’s avid supporters and fans might consider her signature R&B/ pop style and sound. In this Q&A, Kirby discusses the writing process and different approach she took for “Iz U Wit It” and why she identifies with the Trap R&B genre.

V: What did you tap into mentally to write “Iz U Wit It”?

Kirby Maurier: I just wanted to have fun with this song. I was in a turn up mode when I wrote it, and I just wanted to share that side of me with my fans. Vegas (Fontaine) & the Bass Boys helped me write it as well.

V: What’s different about “Iz U Wit It” than any other song you’ve done?

K: It’s more of a club song…and I’ve never really had a “club song.” This is a song that men and women can relate to– an uptempo track that’s easy on the ears and meant for the clubs, or more specifically, the strip clubs. I live in Miami and strip clubs are a part of the culture. I wanted make a song that represents the real culture of Miami urban nightlife– not just South Beach!

V: Would you say that this record took a longer time to complete than others?

KM: I don’t usually pay attention to how long it takes me to write a song, but I really had to get out of the hip hop/ R&B mode to be able to write this one…and really let go! The same goes for the entire recording process of the upcoming EP. I found myself really tapping into a different zone and pushing out a new style of music than I’ve ever created before.


V: What would you say to someone who is used to your “usual” style of music that doesn’t necessarily understand the new direction you’re taking with the single and upcoming EP?

KM: What I would say is simply this: Music is music to me, and I’m capable of making all kinds! I don’t want to be creatively “stuck in a box”, only making a certain style of music to please a group of people. Fuck that! If they’re really a fan, they’ll follow me through the different creative strokes I go through- regardless of genre. It’s not like the concept of Trap R&B is far from the music I make already. Every successful artist evolves, this is just the first of many phases for me.

V: In connection to this song, what’s one thing people would never guess about you. Either about your personality, or influence for “Iz U Wit It”.

K: I think I was a little too turn’t up while recording this song. In fact after the session I came down with the worst flu I’ve EVER had and couldn’t perform for nearly two months!


Download “Iz Wit It” on iTunes HERE
UPDATE: Clean Version available now: iTunes Radio Version

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  1. Burmy

    I HATE it when artists and/or their fans say “If you’re really a fan you’ll support me no matter what I do and what kind of music I make.”

    Umm, NO, we became fans because you made the music we liked. If you stop making music we like, we stop being fans of your music. (or at least just stick to listening to your old music)

    Guess I’ll just have to put the “Class of 96 EP” on repeat…

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