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Inside: Valholla Presents “Tour Life with DJ Sylent: From Inner City to International Territory”


Inside: Valholla Presents “Tour Life with DJ Sylent: From Inner City to International Territory”

DJ Sylent emerged on the Miami hip hop scene in 2007, quickly establishing his ability to rock with the mainstream South Beach club crowd, meanwhile catering to the streets and strip clubs by taking up residency at Coco’s Miami. In 2008 he connected with Valholla Entertainment, developing a successful partnership and mixtape series which culminated in August with the release of his debut compilation album “S.O.D: Thought Process” featuring some of South Florida’s hottest new talent including label mate Kirby Maurier. This summer DJ Sylent was asked to take on the new role of tour DJ, joining We The Best Music Group recording artist Ace Hood on the Trials & Tribulations World Tour. Here’s Inside: Valholla’s interview with DJ Sylent.

IV: Sylent, You’re fresh off of Ace Hood’s Trials and Tribulations Tour. Was this your first International Tour?

DJ Sylent: Yea, Absolutely. This was my first international tour.

IV: How did you end up getting on the Tour?

DJ Sylent: One day a few weeks before the tour I got a phone call from Ace’s manager, Kiko, who I knew for a long time. He told me he needed me for the upcoming tour and the rest is history.

IV: Lets go back a bit, how long have you been spinning in clubs?

DJ Sylent: In 2007, I started out with DJ Hydro. He put me on and introduced me to other club DJ’s and I eventually ended up spinning on South Beach and a few other spots, now I’m DJing at Coco’s (Miami).


IV: What was your first show like on Tour?

DJ Sylent: Ha, well it was memorable for me since it was my first one. We were in Jackson, MS and I first I was nervous but once we started it felt like me DJing at a club, doing what I do you know… We rocked it, and people loved it.

IV: What was your most memorable International show?

DJ Sylent: Dubai. That right there… If I could, I’d do that show again. Everyone showed so much love. That’s like every DJ’s dream, to do a show in Internationally. Dubai showed a lot of love to us, it was a great experience.

IV: What’s one of the things you do to prepare for a show?

DJ Sylent: I go into it like its my last set. I play music on my headphones before to motivate me and I think about it like its my last, Like, how would you go out on your last show? You’re going to want to make it memorable. Ace also gives me about 15 minutes to rock the crowd and during every show he introduces me and I do my thing…. then the crowd goes crazy! I want to leave a stamp every time I step on stage and I give it 110%.

IV: What’s the one Ace Hood record that he performs that gets the most reaction from the crowd?

DJ Sylent: For the ladies it’s gotta be “Body 2 Body”, but in general, Hustle Hard and Bugatti.

IV: Do you see yourself touring full time?

DJ Sylent: Absolutely, I’m open to all opportunities on Touring worldwide. I’m looking forward to doing more shows in the future.

IV: What’s the funnest thing you did on Tour that wasn’t part of the show?

DJ Sylent: Definitely has to be Dirtbikes in Dubai. It was the last day there and we were filming a video for Ace Hood called “We Them Ni**as”. That was exciting.

IV: What’s next for you.

DJ Sylent: My goal is to get artists and start my own movement along side Valholla. I also want to get a team of producers as well. The sky’s the limit.

Download DJ Sylent’s free Compilation Album titled “S.O.D: Thought Process” and stay tuned to see what DJ Sylent has coming up!

– By Valholla’s Artist & Media Relations

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