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S. Renée of The Examiner Features Valholla Entertainment… and its pretty Awesome…

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Special thanks to Miami Music Examiner S. Renée for writing this AWESOME article covering the recent achievements of our company and talent roster. We’re dedicated to progression and it’s great to know our hard work is being noticed. This may very well be the best write up of Valholla yet, here’s an excerpt:

“Operating on the same level of entertainment brands twice their size and level of mainstream notoriety, South Florida’s Valholla Entertainment is a definite game changer – making major moves in an area better known for their vacation spots than their work ethic. Challenging the status quo of Miami’s underground scene, Valholla is bringing a major label feel to an indie label level, all the while marking their territory, and making their presence more than known, but remembered. Founded in 2005 by Chairman and CEO Vince “The Prince” Eyma, the idea for the brand was developed around the concept of launching an independent record label that would represent a new era in music business, and that’s exactly what the entity has been working hard at achieving. Even upon receiving information from the brand’s PR contact for this article, their professionalism and diligence to their work was very apparent, and it was easy to see why they’ve received national acclaim, and continue to progress in an industry where the ambitious, yet ill-prepared fall before getting a chance to shine. From breaking new stars, hosting music projects, connecting the indie scene, managing artists and being the label home to others, Valholla Entertainment is who’s who in Miami’s underground music scene, and here’s 7 reasons why after 8 years, they’re still making moves…and why you should be paying attention to what they have to offer…”

If you’ve yet to read “7 Reasons Valholla Entertainment is Changing South Florida’s Indie Music Game” Click HERE

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