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Music: Kirby Maurier – I’m Jus Sayin [Produced by Jackpot]

Kirby Maurier - I'm Jus Sayin [Cover]

“I’m Jus Sayin” is available on iTunes and every online retailer.

@KirbyMaurier “I’m Jus Sayin” – Produced by Jackpot | Written By @KirbyMaurier | Additional vocals Vegas Fontaine | Recorded at Bleu Odin Studios, Miami, FL | Cover @Shotbyrusso | Make Up @iamthefashionistis | Art Direction @KirbyMaurier / Bleu Odin | Mixed by Jackpot / Ryan ‘Mr. Myagi’ Evans || Mastered by Db for Rec Center Studios, FL | Executive Producers @VinceValholla @KirbyMaurier & Jackpot | © 2013 Valholla Entertainment, Inc.

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