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Ramzez announces new release date for his upcoming digital album #MTv


We’ll have to wait until March 20th for the release of Ramzez digital album ‘M.T.v.’ Ramzez also announced that ‘M.T.v.’ will be available exclusively on DJBooth.net. Here’s the full announcement via Twitter.

“I’d like to announce that my upcoming album M.T.v: mindlapsetunnelvision will be available exclusively on @DJBooth.net.

Originally, M.T.v. was set for release on February 26th, now it will be released in March 20th, 2013.

I don’t like the fact that we have to wait to release this body of work that we’re proud of, but we’re excited to have M.T.v. exclusively hosted by @DJBooth.net.

S/O to everyone who contributed to this album, and I look forward to sharing M.T.v. with the world.”@RamzezDaRuler

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