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Video: Kirby Maurier – Da Lick (Featuring J NICS)

Kirby Maurier performing “Da’ Lick” Featuring J NICS
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As an ode to the DJ Premier produced “Represent” (featuring a then 20 year-old Nas), singer and songwriter Kirby Maurier had to raise the creative stakes with “Da Lick” by creating an illustrious tale of sinful scheming and glossy gangster.

Joined by upcoming acclaimed lyricist J.NiCS, “Da Lick” proved to be a perfect canvas to replace the words of a young kid from Queensbridge with the seductive storytelling of a southern R&B songbird.

The video pays homage to the throwback set up scenario featuring a secretive phone interchange between Miss Maurier and her armed-muscle, the original kick door stick up and roof top reminiscing after the loot is found. Take a trip down memory lane with this retro-dedication to Nas, DJ Premier and the art of storytelling.

“Da’ Lick” appears on Kirby Maurier’s “Class of ’96” EP available everywhere online

Hair and Make Up By: @TheFashionistis |
Wardrobe By: Kevin Hadden LLC. |
Special Thanks to @LastRights & @JNICS305

Get the “Class of ’96” EP on

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